Calypso Warrior

Title: Calypso Warrior
Published by: Robert Davies Publishing
Release Date: 2002


Set mostly in Montreal, partly in Greece, and with echoes of the Caribbean, Calypso Warrior is a molotov cocktail of sex, lies and language laws.

Reviewers Respond:

“Ken McGoogan succeeds in fusing a love triangle with the separatist politics of Quebec and creating in the process a pained love song for dying, Anglo-Montreal culture. . . . His prose style is uncluttered and transparent, the better to let the story and its lovely characters parade before us. At times there is a welcome hint of lyricism, especially in the Greek scenes.”
Keith Nickson, Toronto Star

Calypso Warrior, Ken McGoogan's second novel, is destined to charm readers as much as his first, Visions of Kerouac. There is the same clear pleasure and skill in the story-telling, there is the same delight in whisking readers from one colorful setting to another.”
Fiction writer J. Jill Robinson, Windsor Star