How the Scots celebrated at the Atwater Library

Ken & Cameron at the Atwater Library

So this was the scene at the Atwater Library in Montreal, just before our hero explained How the Scots Invented Canada. That’s Cameron Stevens, the Piper Major of the legendary Black Watch regiment. We’re facing a goodly crowd that proceeded to do the right thing . . . i.e. they bought every book that was there to be sold, and even one that wasn’t. And they filled out more than a few entries, as well, in hopes of winning that voyage through the Scottish Isles. I told the audience, truthfully, that Sheena won us a trip to Scotland last year when her business card got pulled from a jar. So, yes, Virginia, it can happen to you. The Atwater event preceded a fun occasion at Bishop’s University, and a two-hour interview with a BBC film crew working on a three-part series about Scots in Canada. Then came Ottawa, where I donned my Public Lending Right cap, and home, where CBC Radio turned me loose on unsuspecting listeners in 11 cities across Canada. Down time is for sissies.

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