Expedition to Mount McGoogan

A couple of years back, Our Hero led a two-person expedition in an attempt to  climb Mount McGoogan (Cruach Mhic Gougain) in Kintyre, Scotland. On that occasion, he failed — a story he tells in the epilogue to How the Scots Invented Canada. Late next month, after voyaging around Scotland with Adventure Canada, Ken will return to Kintyre to try again. This time, he will lead a four-person expedition in an effort to conquer the 246-metre cruach. “Last time out, I took a crucial wrong turn,” he says, looking back. “We got halted by an impassible burn. This time, different route, four people . . . I think we can reach the summit.”


  1. Sharon Little on February 1, 2022 at 5:20 pm

    if you want an entirely successful trip to Kintyre… there's a Kintyre in my neck of the woods that is a little out of the way, but very accessible. Even has its own little Presbyterian Kirk (that has closed). Yes, I live in the Talbot Settlement where Life in SW Ontario apparently began (cause, being a Scottish settlement, the world ..well, you know.. you wrote the book on it!)

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