Scotland’s First Minister proves a discerning reader

Rumour has it that Alex Salmond, an aficionado of the poetry of Robbie Burns, knows a good book when he sees one. As Scotland’s First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party, he has provided this appreciation of Our Hero’s latest book:

“In ‘How the Scots Invented Canada’, Ken McGoogan has delivered a celebration of the inextricable and treasured ties between our two great nations. His insightful and intelligent portrayal of our shared heritage surely draws its inspiration from the many Scots who have led the way in shaping Canada, from early settlers who carved Nova Scotia from harsh northern lands to Glasgow born Sir John A Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, who united Canada with his national vision and the construction of the world’s longest railway.

“In the intimate portrayals of Scots-Canadians past we see the enduring strengths and qualities which have helped make our countries great today. In our world-class education systems, thriving creative industries and cutting edge technology we see Scots on both sides of the Atlantic as diverse, radical and passionate as the first explorers who set foot on Canada’s shores hundreds of years ago.”

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