Planting a flag for Creative Nonfiction in Canada

It happened in Halifax. They came to plant a flag for creative nonfiction. OK, OK, they came to begin writing their first books. But they did come from across the land, from as far away as Vancouver, and even from across the border, from Washington. And at University of King’s College, under the leadership of Stephen Kimber and Don Sedgwick, they did launch Canada’s first MFA program in Creative Nonfiction.

The original mentors were and are four: Lorri Neilsen-Glenn, Yours Truly, Lori A. May, and David Hayes. Our numbers will double next August. Same with the number of program participants. Above you see one group or pod, known as the Best and the Brightest; below, you see another assembly that, oddly enough, claims the same moniker.

Soon after these shots were taken, by Sheena Fraser McGoogan, the closing-night party spiraled out of control, as these things do. Apologies to all those who do not appear here. Consider that it may be for the best, and that you may owe us thanks. The official, all-inclusive photo is in the works. Party on!

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