John Rae tie prompts expression of remorse . . .and THANKS!

I have been remiss. I received this gorgeous tie — which is embossed! — a few days ago. And, though I posted on Facebook, I neglected to check in here to say . . . THANKS! I say this specifically to the John Rae Society, which is based in Stromness, Orkney, one of my favorite “thin places” in the world. The Society was formed in 2013 with two purposes:

  1. To advance the education of the public in the life and achievements
    of John Rae as the discoverer of the final navigable link of the
    Northwest Passage and one of the greatest arctic explorers.
  2. To advance the arts, heritage, culture and science by promoting the
    life and achievements of John Rae to foster friendship and understanding
    between members of the public, the people of Orkney, and those in
    Canada, particularly, but not exclusively, those areas associated with
    John Rae, through a broad range of activities.

You can find out more by clicking

(P.S. According to the early Celts, “thin places” are “those rare locales where the distance between heaven and Earth

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