Our Hero is just some Joseph looking for love on Global TV


Our Hero looks a tad wary. Probably not a bad thing, given that, with the help of The Morning Show on Global TV, he was launching an air campaign. That’s how I have come to think of it, the media blitz that ensues — if you are lucky — with the publication of a new book. The author is just some Joseph looking for a wee bit of shock and awe. The professionals at Global put together this wonderful four-minute video.  Maybe it’s not shocking or awe-inspiring, but surely it marks the beginning of something? Strictly speaking, and as I may have mentioned elsewhere, Celtic Life International and Canadian Geographic fired the first salvos. But this TV appearance . . . gotta love it.  As for the ground campaign, that’s when you hit the bookstores, Sharpie in hand. It’s all part of the war against indifference to your book. Are we ready to grind it out? You betcha!

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