We’re voyaging Into the Northwest Passage with Adventure Canada. Are we excited yet?

Three Facebook friends from different corners of the world have drawn my attention to a call for presenters aboard a celebrity sailing in the Arctic. While I really do appreciate their thinking of me, this does make me wonder if I haven’t made sufficient noise about how, this August, Sheena and I will be voyaging Into the Northwest Passage with Adventure Canada.  We’ll start in Greenland and sail north into Smith Sound (Elisha Kent Kane country) and then west, stopping at Beechey Island before pushing on to Winter Harbour, visited by William Edward Parry in 1819. Reaching that site will be a first
in contemporary expedition cruising. And forget rolling and heaving across Davis Strait in one of those cramped and boxy old Russian tubs. We will sail
aboard a supremely comfortable vessel, the Ocean Endeavour, which boasts comfortable cabins and no fewer than 20 zodiacs in which to zoom about. So, yes, we’re excited about the travel itinerary and the ship. But above all, we are thrilled by the expert staffers (our fellows) who will be leading talks and workshops. We’re talking Juno-award winning musician Susan Aglukark; archaeologist/ author Robert McGhee; culturalist/ author David Pelly; filmmaker John Houston; seabird biologist (and Canada Research Chair) Mark Mallory; photographer and wildlife biologist Dennis Minty; veteran Arctic explorer David Reid; field botanist Carolyn Mallory;  marine mammalogist Ree Brennin-Houston; and Inuit leader Tagak Curley — yes, the man who appears in the docudrama based on my book Fatal Passage, and who, indeed, steals that particular show. Late last year (2015), I wrote (and evoked, through Sheena’s photos and paintings) what one of these voyages is like. This year, we are happening August 26 to September 11. If you’re thinking “Arctic,” Adventure Canada is the way to to. Tell ’em Ken sent you.

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