Sailing Out of the Northwest Passage launches Dead Reckoning

More Dead Reckoning events are in the works. But at this point, Our Hero is sailing with Adventure Canada Out of the Northwest Passage from Sept. 7 to 23. After that, the confirmed schedule looks like this:

Sept. 27: Toronto: Ben McNally

Oct. 1: Stratford Writers’ Festival 

Oct. 14, 15: Calgary Wordfest

Oct. 17: Victoria: Bolen Books

Oct. 18, 19: Vancouver Writers’ Fest

Nov.6: U of T series, Oakville

Nov. 9. U of T series, Markham

Nov. 15. U of T series, St. George 

Nov. 18: Niagara: Hotel Dallavalle

Nov. 24: Embro, Ont: Caledonian Society, St. Andrews Day

Dec. 6: Burlington, Different Drummer


  1. The Furry Gnome on February 1, 2022 at 5:15 pm

    Good luck with all this Ken!

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