Parks Canada meets Order of Canada in Arctic Return Expedition

Fifteen months and counting –to Departure, that is — and already the Arctic Return expedition is making headlines. First, partner Louie Kamookak was appointed to the Order of Canada. Awright, Louie! Well deserved! Then, adventurer Dave Garrow joined the team. Welcome aboard, Dave! Faithful readers got to meet Louie here.  And we’re excited to bring aboard Dave, a mighty impressive addition who happens to be a long-time John Rae fan. But over on our website, he sounds like this:

An adventurer and landscape ecologist, Dave Garrow (M.Sc.) has a visceral draw to Canada’s cold, mountainous regions and has spent the last two decades exploring these wild places including ski expeditions to the Juneau, Stikine and Patagonian Ice Caps, Wrangell-St. Elias Mountains, Arctic Canada (Baffin and Bylot Island) and throughout the western mountain ranges of Canada.  When not travelling, he works for Parks Canada in Banff National Park, Alberta as a human-wildlife conflict specialist, and moonlights as a polar bear interpretive guide in Churchill, Manitoba.  Trained as a landscape ecologist, Dave works towards managing the complex and evolving interface between visitor use and ecological integrity on our wild spaces with a focus on carnivore behaviour and management.   He lives in Banff with his wife Mindy Johnstone and daughter Charly where they run the local yoga studio and play in the hills with their four year old golden retriever, Happy.

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