Chasing Lemurs dazzles early readers

For nineteen months, while
in her mid-twenties,

Keriann McGoogan lived and
worked in Madagascar, spending twelve-hour days following groups of lemurs
through the northwestern dry forests. She was leading a research team of
Malagasy men, only one of whom spoke English or French. What could possibly go wrong?
In her forthcoming book, Chasing Lemurs, McGoogan brings the story
to vivid life. Don’t take my word for it. The advance readers are weighing

“Chasing Lemurs is a riveting journey into one
of our planet’s most imperiled biodiversity hotspots. With the irrepressible
spirit and sure voice of a hardened traveler, McGoogan exposes the physical and
mental toll that remote scientific field work can take upon the scientist, and
how moments of epiphany in the wild are made all the richer for it. The
adventure of a lifetime. Recommended for all primate fans, and anyone who has
ever dreamed of studying animals in the wild.” 
–Andrew Westoll, author of The Chimps of Fauna
“Keriann McGoogan weaves a gritty and
truthful tale that immerses readers in the remote, dangerous, and
uncomfortable world of expeditionary fieldwork.
The intense narrative reveals the wonders of a lost world and
the sacrifices made in the name of research. Her confessions of
self-doubt and uncertainty will resonate with anyone facing life’s
challenges or choosing to take the road less traveled.”
–Jill Heinerth, author of Into The
Planet: My Life as a Cave Diver
“Keriann McGoogan has given us a fascinating
adventure story that is also a superb travelogue, field guide, and
social portrait of one of the world’s least-known, yet truly exotic
countries. A reader could hardly ask for a more encompassing overview of
Madagascar or a clearer description of its increasingly threatened ecology.
Importantly, the reader is left with the terrible realization of how badly
humans have treated our fellow primates — the many and intriguingly various
species of lemurs, who are endemic to this African island. McGoogan’s ‘s book
is fundamentally a call to action to protect these complex and endangered
creatures, and she has succeeded admirably.”
–Geoff White, Canadian chargé d’affaires to
Madagascar, 2010-2013

honest and suspenseful account of the challenges of wildlife research, Keriann
McGoogan’s book shatters all the romantic illusions of doing science in a
remote tropical location. Her story is a must read for any wildlife enthusiast
considering embarking on a career in the field, or for any conservation-minded
individual curious about the difficulties field researchers sometimes endure.
McGoogan rose to the seemingly insurmountable challenges and persevered. As a
result, she has made substantial strides in what has become a very rewarding
career in both primate research and conservation”.

Dr. Brian Keating, presenter/producer & owner of

(Chasing Lemurs, published by Prometheus Books of New York, will be released everywhere on April 14. 

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