Big Franklin Book Takes Manhattan

The Big Franklin Book is on its way to the Explorers Club

First we take Manhattan. So said the prophet.

In enthusiastic response, I will soon bring the Big Franklin Book to New York City for two events.

On March 21, thanks to the organizational abilities of Adventure Canada, I will give a slideshow presentation at the headquarters of the Explorers Club. Yes, I speak of the world-famous, multifarious society founded in 1904 and dedicated to exploration in all its guises.

I’ve been a Fellow since 2015 but have taken the stage there only once — to lead a rendition of Northwest Passage by Stan Rogers — and never with a view to celebrating a new book. So I’m excited to do so with Searching for Franklin: New Answers to the Great Arctic Mystery (Douglas & McIntyre).

Following the presentation, Philip Turner — New-York-City-based publisher, bookseller, literary agent, and Man About Town — will interrogate me onstage. (He’s also a wildly successful activist on behalf of Canadian writers.) Then we’ll move to a Q&A.

The New York Public Library hosts The Awe of the Arctic

The following afternoon, March 22, I head over to the New York Public Library (E. 42nd & 5th Ave.) to give another presentation. This one helps launch a major new art exhibition, The Awe of the Arctic: A Visual History, and I will chat on stage with curator Elizabeth Cronin.

Meanwhile, the Big Franklin will start filtering into American bookstores. Even now, folks can pre-order at amazon or from their favorite independent bookseller: or

The event at the Explorers Club (46 E 70th St.) will include a reception. Ticket details will turn up here in due course.

As yet we have no plans for Berlin.


  1. Bob Audet on January 19, 2024 at 8:45 pm

    A note for Ken M.
    My girlfriend and I took the High Arctic tour with Adventure Canada last July. We visited Beechey Island as well as the usual other landing spots. Just finished your book, Seaching for Franklin.. how come his resting place has not been located. Is it possible that he was left where he fell and became bear food. Just appears odd that 3 crew members were so visibly buried. Same age as you and very curious.

    Bob Audet

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