Adventure-Canada Book-Tour Extravaganza?

Zodiac Cruising with Adventure Canada (Credit: Dennis Minty)

Excitement is mounting for New York City: The Explorers Club, the New York Public Library, how could it be otherwise? (March 21 & 22).

Of course, the climactic moment won’t come until we’re sailing Into the Northwest Passage with Adventure Canada (embarking Aug. 27).

But what’s happening between those highlights with The Adventure-Canada, Searching-for-Franklin, Ocean-to-Ocean-to-Ocean, Book-Tour Extravaganza? The public is clamoring to know: where are you taking Searching for Franklin? Voila!

Ottawa (March 27): CanGeo Talk. RCGS Headquarters.

Toronto (May 21): Arts and Letters Club.

Halifax (early June): details to come.

Creative Nonfiction Meets History

Milton (June 19): Escarpment Probus Club.

Moose Jaw (July 18-21): Saskatchewan Festival of Words.

P.S. You can still enter to win that $5,000 voucher to come adventuring in the Arctic!





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