Six minutes with Our Hero

This interview popped up out of CBC Calgary.

Those who crave a longer conversation (hi, Mom!) should tune in Monday to The Next Chapter, the Shelagh Rogers show on CBC Radio One (1 pm). Shelagh is arguably the best on-air interviewer in the country, and we covered a lot of ground.

For the rest, Our Hero has four day-time talks/lectures lined up in the Toronto area, three University of Toronto lectures at various campuses (Markham, Oakville, St. George), and one talk at the Toronto Reference Library (Feb. 8).

On January 30, we have dram-dispensing at the Adventure Canada polar bear dip. And evenings?

Feb. 10 is Booklovers Ball.

Feb. 12 is Manitoba Historical Society in Winnipeg,

Feb. 17 is St. Andrews Society of Toronto.

Feb. 19 is guest of honour at the Scottish Tartan Ball.

Meanwhile, in the Saint John Telegraph, the Scots have battled to the number two spot, behind only

William and Kate. Fight on, Craighellachie!

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