Mount McGoogan Conquered!!!

The deed is done, the mission accomplished. Mount McGoogan is conquered. The date: June 15, 2011. Those who have read How the Scots Invented Canada will know that my last expedition was thwarted by my Canadian deference to a sign warning that unauthorized persons should proceed no farther. Yes, I attempted a different route and got turned back by a rushing river. This time out, understanding that my surname conferred the requisite authorization, I climbed over the gate and, with Sheena, followed a dirt road as it zig-zagged upwards to the top of Cruach Mhic Gougain (higher, at 246 metres, than Montreal’s Mount Royal). The big surprise? The standing stone we found near the top. It marks the spot, I believe, where a lookout would light a beacon fire to relay news of any imminent invasion. We had neglected to bring champagne. The celebration would have to wait. Now, we unfurled a flag and marked the occasion by signing two copies of How the Scots.

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