This writing instructor has no shame!

In the beginning, I had doubts about teaching online. In a classroom situation, I could rely on my good looks,

augmented by one-liners. Working online meant losing these resources. But, hey, good news! Judging from the latest report card, online is working wonderfully.

Out of seventeen categories in this latest report card, sixteen were straight 5.0, and one was a hair’s breadth away. And you have to love some of  the answers to, “What were the most positive aspects of the course? They include:

“Critical assessment of writing skills / assignments.

Clarity in objectives and methodology.

Knowledgeable and experienced instructor.

Open attitude.”

And here, blushing, I offer my favorite: “In two words: Ken McGoogan. He was inspiring, encouraging, thoughtful, insightful — an all-round superb instructor. Best writing course I’ve taken.”

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