Rocky Mountain High: Yo, Alberta!

Nothing beats a hike from Lake Louise to the Plain of Six Glaciers. See the above photo, shot today by Sheena Fraser McGoogan. But the whole six-day visit was splendiferous. Led by the Clan MacRae, a couple of hundred people turned out to see Our Hero give a slideshow presentation called Return to Rae Strait. All about John Rae and Fatal Passage and voyaging in the High Arctic. The Special Collections folk at the University of Calgary Library mounted a splendid event in a great space and featuring edibles both before and after. And Pages on Kensington did yeoman service. We had forgotten how sparkling new Calgary is. The recent flood notwithstanding, this city thrives and feels prosperous. Swimming facilities, for example? We checked out the Eau Claire YMCA and the Winter Club and they were glorious. Not only that, but Calgary has Nenshi and we have . . . no, let’s not go there. Yo, Alberta!

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