Portrait of the colourist in Orkney . . . with dog

Sheena Fraser McGoogan “is a colourist, but a colourist on steroids,” the art critic writes. “Her work reminds me in a way of L.S Lowry, but on acid. Her paintings leap off the wall at you. They demand to be noticed. They are bold to the point of fearlessness, using bright colours to make a statement about the artist herself, and the places represented.” The article occupies most of a page in today’s Orcadian newspaper. It reviews, glowingly, a joint exhibition at the Shorelines Gallery in Finstown, roughly halfway between Stromness and Kirkwall, Orkney’s two main towns. The host artist, Jane Glue, is one of Orkney’s leading painters. She initiated the joint exhibition after spotting and “liking” one of Sheena’s works that showed up on Facebook. It treated the Hall of Clestrain, boyhood home of explorer John Rae. He is the subject of a three-day conference organized by the Stromness Museum, which has installed Our Hero as writer-in-residence.

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