Gotta love how The Morning Show goes beyond the conventional

Wow!  So that was different . . . and especially fun.

off to the folks at Global TV Toronto who put together The Morning Show.

In the
past month, thanks to VIA-Rail and HarperCollins Canada, I’ve done half a dozen
morning shows across the country.  And
this one, I can tell you, was unique in a number of ways — all positive. You
can see for yourself by clicking here.

we were five people sitting around the table, me and four dynamite hosts:
Kris Reyes, Liza Fromer, Rosey Edeh,

and Antony Robart. So we could have a
conversation rather than a conventional, straight-up interview.

did you see that collage someone put together, using photos of Our Hero and the
cover of 50 Canadians? Fabulous!  And did you notice the creative camera work,
the variety of different angles? It didn’t hurt, either, that we went for more
than seven minutes — an eternity in TV time, and much

appreciated. The
studio set-up is also unique: open concept to the point where you can see
traffic rumbling past on Bloor Street. From where I sit, the whole segment worked.

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