Shout Out to Allyson Latta, Editor of Renown

No, this is not a photo of Allyson Latta. You can find one or two images of her if you start clicking here. This is a picture of Our Hero scratching away on a standing stone he discovered atop Cruach Mhic Gougain in southern Kintyre. Yes, you’ll hear Gaelic speakers insist that “cruach” translates as “big hill.” But I believe “mount” to be more appropriate. I mean, “Mount McGoogan” is clearly better than “McGoogan Hill,” right? Any editor will get that. But I shout out to Allyson Latta, a book editor and writing instructor of renown and track record, because she maintains such a fun-and-instructive website and blog. OK, I especially like that, with a nudge, apparently, from novelist Michelle Berry, Allyson invited me to share a few thoughts and images in a series she calls Will Come the Words. You can see the result by clicking here. The above photo, by Sheena Fraser McGoogan, made my short list for submission. But that would have made five images. And I’m guessing, Dear Reader, that even YOUR indulgence extends only so far.

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