Creative Nonfiction: University of Toronto takes it online

He’s back! In response to a raucous clamor for stand-alone treatment, the Dr. Jekyll in me has beat his way free to
announce an online course in Creative Nonfiction. It’s called The Art of Fact: An Introduction to Writing Nonfiction, and i
t’s available through the University of Toronto. We launch one month from now on September 22.  And the 

particulars look like this: “The hallmarks of
Creative, Literary or Narrative Nonfiction are truth and personal presence. The
genre includes subjective and objective streams, and encompasses memoir,
autobiography, biography, history, adventure, travel, and true crime. The
writer of nonfiction employs memory, imagination, analysis, and research, and
adapts literary techniques from fiction, journalism, and the essay. This
craft-oriented course aims to enhance your ability to tell true stories.”
You can find out more at the link above.  In the past, folks have “attended” from as far away as Japan and Uganda. Oh, and we do have a favourite text:
Textbook: The Art of Fact: A Historical Anthology of Literary Journalism,
edited by Kevin Kerrane and Ben Yagoda. (Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, ISBN

Wherever you are, come on out.

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