Man in tartan vest invites nonfiction writers to cyber-gathering



Faithful followers of this blog will know that I am reluctant to publish anything that even hints of self-promotion. But with the above quarter-page ad (!) surfacing in today’s Globe & Mail, in a good-looking section celebrating the best books of the year, I feel driven to make an exception.  As you can see, thanks to the University of Toronto, starting in January, I will offer a course called The Art of Fact: An Introduction to Writing Nonfiction.
It’s online, so you can work it into your schedule any time, and get
active from any where. The course is all about craft, and telling true
stories with panache. You can check it out by clicking here.
At the other end of that link, you will find a brief overview suggesting that the hallmarks of Creative or Narrative Nonfiction
are truth and personal presence. The genre includes subjective and
objective streams, and encompasses memoir and autobiography. It also takes in biography,
history, adventure, travel, true crime, you name it. The writer of nonfiction
employs memory, but also imagination, analysis, and research, and adapts literary
techniques from fiction, journalism, and the essay. Hope to see you in cyberspace!

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