Red Cross certifies Our Hero as set to sail in the Northwest Passage

I know, I know: I shared this on Facebook already. But it’s not every day that a guy gets Red-Cross certified. So for the Enduring Record that is this blog (?): yes, I can do CPR. I was all over that dummy yesterday. In truth, the course is no walk in the park: 9 to 5 with 45 minutes for lunch, and nonstop information in-between. But to sail as an
author-historian with Adventure Canada,
or any kind of “leader,” well, a hero has got to have that emergency-first-aid credential. Yesterday was my day. We had a terrific instructor. And, hey, 29 out of
30 on the written test put me in the top tier of finishers. Bottom line: we are good to go
Out of the Northwest Passage. The voyage begins in Kugluktuk, aka Coppermine, and takes us through history all the way to Greenland, where in zodiacs, we’ll wind in and out among the most spectacular icebergs in the northern hemisphere. Check it out. Tell ’em Ken sent you.

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