Scotland to join Canada? Ken, do you remember Turks & Caicos?

A savvy interviewer will always hold the toughest questions until near the end of a conversation. So it happened this morning on CTV’s Your Morning. Host Lindsey Deluce waited until the final moment. We had been talking about why Canada should invite Scotland to become this country’s eleventh province. Then she said, “Ken, do you remember Turks & Caicos? That whole thing?” She was alluding, of course, to an idea that has been kicking around for a century. In 1917, Canadian prime minister Robert Borden asked Great Britain to cede the tropical islands to Canada. The response has been lost in the mists of time. But the proposition

resurfaced in 1974, in a private member’s bill, and then again last year, when it turned up as a resolution at the NDP’s national convention in Edmonton. To date, the federal government has not acted on the idea. For Deluce, as it happens, I had an answer ready. But you can see for yourself by going here.

Click here to see bonus video from CTV News in Scotland, Ontario.

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