Scottish front pages highlight wet, rocky path through Brexit forest

Our guidebook described the hike to Steall Falls as “a pleasant walk with good views of the river.” It did concede that the “grass/stone path can be slippery when wet.” But as the rain came down, and we found ourselves scrambling up and down a rough, rocky trail that winds through a forest, we realized that we were struggling through the perfect metaphor for Scotland’s post-election trauma. 

Which way to turn? What do the signs say? Judging from today’s front pages, they aren’t easy to read. The 

Scotsman tells us: “SNP admit independence / lost them election seats.” But The Inverness
Press & Journal
delivers a counter-spin: “
‘Brexit disaster
will boost independence.’”

The Scottish Daily
declares: “
Tories turn on
Theresa.” But the 
Scottish Daily
claims: “
Sturgeon on the

The Daily Record tries hard for exhaustive clarity: “The Fate of May
Heaven help us/
because she can’t.” But then it delivers the worst pun of the day: “
Elephant Indy Room.”

The good news is that we kept slogging and saw some spectacular sights. Not only that: as we arrived back at the car park, the sun came out. Visibility? All clear. Full speed ahead.

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