Dead Reckoning inspires first-ever book launch at Beechey Island

First came the book launch at Beechey Island. We were sailing through the Northwest Passage with Adventure Canada when, thanks to a myriad of volunteers, the party just erupted. OK, we didn’t party ON the island, site of the graves of the first three men to die on the 1845 Franklin expedition. That would have been disrespectful. But on video, we caught bits and pieces of both the island and the event, as you can see here. And I will go out on a limb and suggest that this Dead Reckoning extravaganza was the first-ever book launch at Beechey. We brought aboard 65 copies of the book and presto! they were gone! This is not J.R. Rowling territory, but I’ve made my peace with that. Now, tonight, comes the downtown Toronto launch at beautiful Ben McNally Books. It’s not a first, and won’t be a last, but me, I’m looking forward to it.

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