Scottish Studies Society goes the extra mile

OK, so I feel
moved to give a shout-out to the Scottish Studies Society, and especially to
president and newsletter editor David M. Hunter. The latest Society newsletter,
The Scots Canadian, was at the printer when Hunter got wind of Flight
of the Highlanders.
Nothing daunted, he put together a flyer – noting the
book launch on Sept. 17 (see below) – and turned it into a newsletter insert.
In my opinion, that’s going the extra mile. David, huge thanks!

finished flyer reads as follows: In September 2019, Canadian author Ken
McGoogan will publish Flight of the Highlanders: The Making of Canada. The
book tells the story of those courageous Scots who, ruthlessly evicted from
their ancestral homelands, sailed in “coffin ships” to Canada, where they
battled hardship, hunger, and even murderous persecution. While in How the
Scots Invented Canada
, Ken celebrated outstanding individuals, this time around
he focuses on the common people. During the infamous Highland Clearances, tens
of thousands of dispossessed and destitute Scots crossed the Atlantic — unfortunate
prototypes for the refugees we see arriving today from around the world.
If contemporary Canada
is more welcoming to newcomers than most countries, Flight of the
shows that it is at least partly because of the lingering
influence of those persecuted Highlanders. Together with their better-off
brethren—the lawyers, educators, politicians, and businessmen—those unbreakable
Scots proved the making of Canada. The book can be pre-ordered online or
through any bookstore.

Toronto launch: Ben
McNally Books, 366 Bay St., Sept. 17, 2019 from 6 to 8 p.m. All welcome.

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