Yo, OTTAWA! Gonna be like CHICAGO!

Here comes the night! Peeps are awakening to the news that awarding-winning author  and Royal Canadian Geographical
Society Fellow Ken McGoogan is coming your way next Tuesday evening (December 3). It
says here that in performance, Ken may well remind you of Richard Gere in
CHICAGO, you know where he sings and dances and razzle-dazzles his way through a media circus of celebrity, scandal, and corruption?

On the other hand, he may not remind you of Gere at all. But he WILL captivate with insights from
his new book, Flight of
the Highlanders: The Making of Canada
. Ken will talk about Dragging
History into the 21st Century,
highlighting stories of those refugee
Scots who were forcibly evicted from the lands of their ancestors. Many of them
sailed in coffin ships to Canada, where they battled hardship, hunger and even murderous
persecution while laying the foundations of a nation that welcomes immigrants. 

OK, so it’s not a lot like CHICAGO. But there is a stage. Flight of the Highlanders happens at the Alex Trebek Theatre at RCGS headquarters, 50 Sussex Drive,
starting at 7 p.m. The trick is to get tickets by clicking here. Bring a gang!

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