Saying BRAVO to ‘Just Watch Me’

I don’t know about you but I’ve seen enough of this Ottawa blockade. And so I write in praise of the federal government action. The Emergency Measures Act? I say YES!  BRING IT ON!

Some have asked: what does it change? What can those in charge do now that they couldn’t do before? What difference does this make? I would point to three things.

1. The act appoints a watchdog to shut down the alt-right funding of the insurrection. All those  greenbacks flowing into Canada from TrumpWorld? In addition to those coming from our own homegrown crackpots? Money assuring those who have parked their big rigs in the streets that they can continue with impunity? That as long as they remain illegally parked in Ottawa, blaring as requested, monied insurgents will pick up the tab for their truck payments?  All that is finished now. The watchdog is called FINTRAC . . . which refers to the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada. I can’t wait to see it rip into this illegal money-flowing gambit.

2. The act tells the Big-Rig Blockaders to get out of Dodge or they can say goodbye to trucking as way of life. First, their vehicle insurance will be cancelled.  Second, their business bank accounts will be frozen. Basically, if they don’t get the hell out, as truckers they are finished. If they don’t like it, they can sit in their cabs and get arrested.

3.  A lot of tow-truck companies have refused to do any hauling. They say they are intimidated. That is understandable. But to drive a tow-truck you need a license. So maybe they should ask: who is carrying the bigger stick? You want to stay in business? You tow the big rigs when the big rigs need towing.

I for one did not see these initiatives coming. To me — and, I would wager, to most of the bleating sheep in the Ottawa streets — they were completely unanticipated. I see them as BRILLIANT! I see them as channeling the spirit of “Just Watch Me.” What more can I say? BRAVO!

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