Top reviewers hail rewrite of Arctic history

From draft to finished book

‘Breathtaking new book reads like a detective thriller’

“In this book, Ken McGoogan provides a fresh look at what made Franklin tick – and the factors that caused him to send so many men to early graves. Searching for Franklin is nothing short of a rewrite of Arctic history. McGoogan takes us well beyond the common narrative and offers insight into the reasons why Franklin could not understand the risks he was taking by ignoring the advice of others.”

–Dave Obee, Editor/Publisher of the Victoria Times-Colonist

“Arctic historian Ken McGoogan’s breathtaking new book, Searching for Franklin, often reads like a detective thriller. There’s a raw immediacy, a forceful current of white-knuckle suspense, to McGoogan’s recreation of events [on the Royal Navy’s first Arctic overland expedition] that eventually saw Franklin and a handful of companions facing starvation and death in the icebound isolation of Fort Enterprise.”

–Jamie Portman, Postmedia News [major newspapers Montreal to Vancouver]

“McGoogan weaves this fascinating history with the skill of a superb storyteller, bringing all of the threads together in a book that qualifies as a page turner. Equally important to readers is that McGoogan honours the leadership and heroism of the indigenous people of the North who have long been overlooked in this chapter of our history. This book is an outstanding achievement.”

–Marc Horton, former Books Editor / Edmonton Journal

“It’s great to hear Louie’s voice again, resonating with that of his people and their ancestors, and lively with an often-humorous irony about the assumptions and obsessions of the various “Franklinites” he’d met through the years.”

–Russell Potter, The Arctic Book Review

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