Time travel . . . around Scotland and through Canada’s History

“Last June, during a voyage around Scotland,” the piece begins, “a history-buff friend told me about attending a talk by an academic historian who had written a book featuring a section on the 1758 siege of the Fortress of Louisbourg. My friend noted, with some dismay, that the professional seemed to take pride in the fact that he had never visited the fortress, though he could have gotten there by undertaking a two-day drive.” I go on — for yes, those are indeed my words — I go on to describe my reaction, and to evoke a fantastic Adventure Canada voyage around Scotland. This column appears in the latest issue of Canada’s History, complete with a photo of Our Hero at Lach Finlaggan on the island of Islay. Wasn’t that a trip! For good measure, that same issue has a review of How the Scots Invented Canada.

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